The Future of Cloud Computing in the Technology Industry


Cloud computing is quickly becoming the most important technology for businesses, organizations and even individual computer users. Below introduces why cloud computing is predicted to become the future technology standard of companies everywhere.

Why Cloud Computing is Expected to Grow
According to Forbes magazine, the primary reason that companies switch to cloud computing is to gain better technology quality for their platforms and applications. For example, technology companies that rely on video conferencing software cannot function with poor technology quality and consistency. In the technology industry, cutting edge programs are now an important competitive edge. Besides this, tech companies convert to cloud computing because they want to expand their business through offering better service and functionality to their clients. Finally, cloud computing plays an integral part of long-term strategic planning because it can scale to demand and add capabilities that are not currently available.

Where Cloud Computing is Expected to Grow
Certain industries and business functions are quickly adopting cloud computing as their primary technology platform. For example, cloud computing is expected to have the largest impact on technology departments of supply chain companies, where logisticians, warehouses and clients depend on real-time, universally accessible information to perform their duties. On the other hand, cloud computing is expected to have the largest internal impact on businesses through increased employee collaboration. As previously mentioned, telecommunications technology is now a standard part of many companies because globalization is integrating different departments and companies around the world with each other. Then again, cloud computing is expected to have a large influence on new products, services and even business niches entering new markets. Part of this is related to the mobile phone revolution that allows shoppers to move beyond Internet-based e-commerce through consumer apps.

Cloud Computing Statistics
According to Inc. magazine, the future is very bright for cloud computing technology. For example, over 90 percent of companies are either using or plan on using cloud computing services. Almost 50 percent of vendors already use cloud-based technology to generate revenue or develop new products. Additionally, 35 percent of vendors use cloud computing to gain a competitive edge or to drive innovation. From a financial perspective, almost 30 percent of companies make the transition to cloud services in order to reduce costs and better manage their capital expenditures. Keep in mind that traditional IT technology requires staff, equipment and a lot of time and money. Consider this final fact: 90 percent of all global data was created in the last two years and almost 70 percent of this data is already in the cloud.

Clearly, cloud computing is here to stay and organizations should take advantage of the opportunity to begin the cloud conversion today. Doing so will give them a competitive edge and allow them to continually expand.