Seven Great Photos You Should Capture on Your Italian Tour

venice gondolier in grand canal

Italy is known as one of the most beautiful countries in the entire world. The stunning landscape, jaw-dropping art history and exquisite cuisine make this gorgeous country one of the first stops for any worldwide traveler. However, what’s the point of going to such a beautiful place if you can’t document it properly? Getting the best snapshots of your trip will make your Instagram account shine. Here are the top pictures you should take:

1. Trevi Fountain
Located in Rome, Trevi Fountain was the setting for the iconic scene in Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita”. Although you can’t jump into the fountain like gorgeous movie star Anita Ekberg, you can still cry out “Marcello!” as your friend takes a picture of you standing in front of the iconic structure.

2. David
No trip to Florence would be complete without taking in the sight of Michelangelo’s beautiful David statue. Although you may not possess the statue’s impressive physique, you can still pose in front of Michelangelo’s rendering of the perfect man.

3. The Venice Canals
You should definitely get a shot of your gondolier as he guides you through the canals of this beautiful city. Just be careful not to fall into the water in your excitement; more than a few tourists have fallen prey to the lures of the canal while trying to get the perfect shot.

4. The Colosseum
Anyone who’s seen the film “Gladiator” will be thrilled to actually view the beautiful Colosseum in person. No trip to Rome is complete without getting a few pictures in front of this ancient structure—and inside of it—but you may want to stay away from the unscrupulous men standing around in gladiator costumes. They are not approved by the Roman authorities, and more than one tourist has been known to be swindled by these characters.

5. The Spanish Steps
Become inspired by the same steps that poet John Keats used to walk up when he lived nearby. If you’ve seen the classic film “Roman Holiday”, then feel free to strike an Audrey Hepburn or Gregory Peck pose as you marvel at these beautiful steps.

6. St. Peter’s Basilica
People are often surprised to learn that you can take photographs in St. Peter’s Basilica, but you can. The basilica houses Michelangelo’s stunning Pietà, among many other priceless works of art and architecture. Just don’t try to take a picture with one of the many Swiss Guards roaming around; remember, they’re on duty!

7. Pantheon
Nothing says “I’ve been to Italy” more than a photo in front of the Pantheon. Get your photo snapped in front of this iconic structure, and you can relive your trip every time you look at your Italian holiday pictures.