Replica Swords: Why to Evaluate Before Purchase


Replica swords are one of the items that antique weapons collectors value and love to display. If you’re interested in a collection of replica swords, there are some important points to consider before spending your money. There are significant differences between real replica swords and cheap imitations. You should know what to look for before you buy a sword, especially online.

Some manufacturers only sell top-quality replicas. However, there are a lot of companies that sell replicas that are cheaply made and of low quality. Before you make a purchase, decide why you want the sword. You may display it as part of a collection. The sword could be for training or a theatrical or film production.

You have to decide if you’re interested in a sword that’s functional or if you want an ornamental sword to display on your wall because there can be a big discrepancy in the price range. If you are interested in one that’s functional, you could pay between $500 and $1,000 for your first sword. However, if you are just starting your collection, it is possible to find good quality weapons for between $150 and $300. Cost can always be an important factor even for seasoned collectors.

One of the most important factors is to find a company that’s established and employs a staff who are experts on historically accurate weapons. The staff should have experience researching and designing historically accurate swords. It’s a good idea to research several sword manufacturers.

When you find several reputable manufacturers, you’ll have to spend the time to see what items they have in stock. If they don’t have the sword you’re interested in, find out how long it will take to have it shipped. If you’re interested in a particular style or historical period, find out what styles the manufacturers carry on a regular basis or if you’ll need to have a special order.

Among the styles of replica swords on the market are:

  • Crusades
  • Celtic and Scottish
  • Renaissance
  • Roman
  • Medieval
  • Viking
  • Fantasy

The most effective wat to evaluate replica swords and manufacturers is to do the research yourself. Online reviews and recommendations aren’t always reliable. Learn about the company and how authentic their products are to be sure you buy a sword you’ll be proud to display.