The Bottom Line: 3 Areas to check on your Insurance Coverage


Having insurance coverage gives peace of mind, but many people lack necessary coverage. Often, coverage is assumed when in fact an existing policy provides zero protection for specific loss events. Other situations become convoluted as to what policy covers specific losses, such as a homeowner’s policy possibly covering some losses associated with motor vehicles. Here Read more


The Future of Cloud Computing in the Technology Industry


Cloud computing is quickly becoming the most important technology for businesses, organizations and even individual computer users. Below introduces why cloud computing is predicted to become the future technology standard of companies everywhere. Why Cloud Computing is Expected to Grow According to Forbes magazine, the primary reason that companies switch to cloud computing is to Read more


Financial Planning: When Should You Seek a Financial Planner


Consumers tend to believe that financial planners serve only the rich. You might even share a similar view of these professionals, too. Unfortunately, that thought process could prevent you from taking advantage of these services. Financial planners can provide guidance and assistance in various capacities. The last thing you should do is assume that professional Read more