How to Get Stylish Maternity Clothes on a Budget

maternity clothes

There is nothing like the joy you experience when you discover you are expecting. Whether the new baby was a surprise or planned, the miracle of life is exciting. There are so many new moments to experience and things to plan. One of the first things most women think about is how they are going to clothe their new, ever-changing body. The days of wearing over sized, baggy clothes are out. The new way of life includes cute, fashionable clothes whether you are hanging out around the house or going to work every day. The challenge is not spending too much on clothes you will only wear for a short season. However, there are plenty of options for buying maternity clothes on a budget.

1. Shop the Sales
There are some stores that are reasonably priced even without sales like Old Navy, Burlington Coat Factory or Target. It becomes even more reasonable with coupons or coupon codes. There are sites you can use that provide you with all of the coupons available for that site if you can’t find any. One excellent site for coupon codes is If you have the pleasure of being pregnant before Christmas, the black Friday sales are awesome! You can even shop online from the comfort of your own home and score the same deals. Think long term when you are shopping so you can be outfitted for the entire duration of your pregnancy.

2. Consignment Sales or Yard Sale Sites
An awesome option for maternity clothes on a budget is looking into second-hand clothes. There are so many quality options, because most women do not wear their maternity clothes for that long. They may have only been used for the last 5-6 months of pregnancy and are still in good condition. You can usually pick up a used pair of maternity jeans for $5-$10, which is at least a 50% savings! Join a Facebook yard sale site in your area or look on Ebay for the best options. You are bound to find a plethora of awesome maternity clothes in a budget category you are comfortable with.
3. Look in Your Closet!
Just because you are pregnant, does not mean you have to immediately switch your entire wardrobe to maternity clothes. Often times, you will still be able to fit in your pre-pregnancy clothes for the first few months. There is also a product called a Belly Band, which is designed to fold over your pants. It is a large piece of stretchy fabric that acts as a belt. If your pants still fit everywhere besides your belly, you can use a Belly Band to keep them up and hide the fact that your pants are unbuttoned! Pregnancy is also the perfect time to wear your flowy shirts. You know the kind that have a little extra fabric to blow in the breeze? They tend to be the perfect fit for an expanding midsection.