Golf Carts: Are They Only for the Golf Course?


Golf carts and golf courses go hand in hand; there is not one without the other. Golf carts add to a golfer’s game by being quiet, handy, and efficient, making traveling from hole to hole relaxing and quick. But, golf carts are not just for the golf course anymore. Many communities are allowing golf carts to drive on certain side roads, and hunters are finding golf carts are better for their traveling needs in the woods.

Families can pass the time driving these low-speed vehicles, enjoying life together on the golf cart. Similar in recreation to riding on a four-wheeler, this often battery-operated vehicle is much more quiet and family-friendly to operate. According to an article in USA Today, Bowling Green, KY, allows citizens to legally travel on their golf carts on public roads. There are restrictions to the Kentucky law which states the cart may not carry more than six people, travel over 35 miles per hour, or have a weight of over 2,500 lbs. Pine Island, FL, is also looking to legalize golf carts on public roads. Traveling by golf cart mimics driving in a jeep, but at a much slower speed, with just as much fun.

There are several ways to customize a family’s golf cart to make it work for them. Many retailers online offer a flip seat kit which replaces the traditional golf bag rack on the back and allows for more passengers on the golf cart. The flip seat kit also includes side bars for riders to hold onto. Also, when passengers aren’t riding, the seat can fold out to help carry loads to and from home or beach house, which helps it serve many purposes.

Another way to spruce up and change a golf cart is to make it an actual all-terrain vehicle. In the recent years, hunters have found a way to make golf carts useful for them during the hunting season, and they have done this by replacing the normal 8 inch golf cart tire with 20 to 28 inch tire and installing a lift kit. This modification allows the golf cart to sit up higher off the ground and absorb the shock from ruts and roots in the ground. Hunters are also able to use the flip seat kit because it folds down flat to hold the animals they have hunted. Since many golf carts are battery operated, hunters enjoy them because they do not emit gasoline fumes or loud noises so as to scare away the animals they are hunting. Lights and gun holders are also available additions for the golf cart.

Golf carts are not just for the golf course anymore. They are family-friendly and easily customizable!