Five Areas Where Stone Can Enhance the Look of Your Home


Stone Enhancement One: Create Beautiful Entranceways

One of the best places to use stone inside a home is the entranceway. Natural stone made of granite or marble can create a rugged or classic floor that welcomes guests and family members. Stone resists damage from the moisture of rain, snow and mud when it is properly treated with protective sealants. Stone tiles are available in a variety of colors, including tan or black, and it is also possible to use stone materials that have been dyed with special processes.

Stone Enhancement Two: Useful and Decorative Fireplaces

Instead of having a home’s fireplace made of brick, choose natural stone that will provide a unique decorative effect in any room. A properly built stone fireplace can heat a home completely or augment the heating provided by a furnace. It is also possible to cook meals in a fireplace to enjoy a delicious smoky flavor imparted by wooden logs. Make sure to hire an experienced stonemason to construct a fireplace and chimney to ensure that smoke rises efficiently to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Stone Enhancement Three: Natural Stone Decks and Porches

Many homeowners want a large deck or porch outside a home to provide an extra area for relaxing and entertaining, and stone is a longer lasting material than wood planks. Paving stones designed for exterior areas of a building are set in waterproof materials to protect the surfaces from underlying moisture. There are also protective sealants that are painted on the stones to help prevent cracks and other degradation. Stone porches and decks add value to a home, making it look expensive and classic.

Stone Enhancement Four: Supportive Retaining Walls

To prevent erosion of a home’s lawns, it is possible to build a retaining wall of heavyweight stone. Homeowners must choose thick and heavy stone to hold back the soil between the different landscaping levels. Professional landscapers and stonemasons should measure carefully to create the proper style of retaining wall such as cantilever, gravity or anchored, but homeowners can choose beautifully colored stone to make a home’s exterior look attractive. Retaining walls are in built in a variety of heights designed to hold back the soil in wooded areas or small gardens.

Stone Enhancement Five: Countertops in Bathrooms and Kitchens

Large slabs of natural stone such as marble or granite are used to make countertops and backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms. With the proper care and sealants, the natural stone used in these rooms will last for many years without developing stains and cracks. Alternatively, homeowners can select small pieces of stone in an assortment of shapes to create backsplash and countertop surfaces in a home’s kitchen or bathroom.