6 Reasons to Buy Property in the Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic is becoming one of the most favorable islands for property purchasing in the Caribbean. The island is a paradise with a stable government and a growing economy. And, there are a number of additional perks to buying property in the Dominican Republic.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in the Dominican Republic is one of the best in the entire Caribbean. Many people associate the prices on this island paradise to those of Latin American rather than the surround island countries. And, the government is committed to sustainable development which will help to keep the costs of utilities, food, transportation, etc. affordable in the long term.


The government is committed to the development of the infrastructure. They understand the importance of quality infrastructure to attract business and new residents alike. Some of the most recent projects have included airport upgrades and highway improvements throughout the island. And, the new port on the North of the island will bring in a surge of tourists for years to come.


It is not terribly expensive to have a fun and exciting lifestyle. You will be able to attend musical performances and dine out in top restaurants on a relatively low budget. Many people, including retirees, are also be able to afford help around the house and with lawn care. It is quite affordable to have a great lifestyle including shopping and traveling around the island.

Property Prices

Whether you are in search of a high-end luxury seaside manner or a more modest apartment in a gated community, the Dominican Republic truly has something for everyone. And, as the country continues to grow in popularity with expats and retirees, it is a relatively safe investment. The New York Times has an excellent guide to get people started.

Startup Community

Both entrepreneurs and investors are revered in this island nation. The country has free trade zones and its strategic location to the Americas offers an ideal central location to do business. The government is eager to welcome new businesses whether they be startups or established business and they provide attractive tax breaks.

A Top Place to Retire

The growing retiree population is creating a strong expat community and more opportunities for both locals and foreigners alike. It is also one of the easiest countries to obtain retiree residency. It takes as little as 45 days to complete the residency process and retirees who receive residency also receive a number of advantages such as tax breaks.

The Dominican Republic is working hard to create an enviable place for people to establish a home and a high quality of life. If you buy property in the Dominican Republic, you will be able to live a very good life or rent your property with little difficulty.