5 Habits of Successful Salespeople in everyday Life


Many people view those who work in sales as, well, scum. By default, they assume that any person is sales is just trying to cheat them out of their money with sly words and flattery. The goal of the truly effective salesperson is to defy that stereotype.

1. Take a genuine concern for the customer’s needs.

Truly effective sales people are genuinely interested in what is best for the customer. They want to please the customer and help the customer to be satisfied with the purchase not only initially, but also long term.

2. Look them in the eyes.

People want to know that the salesperson they are working with not only has a genuine concern and care for their well being, but they also want someone whose body language and eye contact reveal that he/she is listening carefully to the needs of the customer. A salespersons eye contact should communicate to the customer that the salesperson is listening carefully and committing to memory the needs and desires of the customer.

3. An ability to read people.
A salesperson should have a natural knack for reading people. If it’s not natural, he or she should learn how to read people. This is because some people come into the place of business actually wanting to be persuaded. Whereas, another customer may be completely turned off if he or she feels pushed to buy. An effective sales person should have the ability to decipher in a few moments what type of person he/she is working with. The sale will depend on it.4. Know your stuff

An effective sales person should know their product inside and out. Nothing is more embarrassing for a salesperson than dealing with a customer who knows more about the product than the salesperson knows. It’s also important to know your competition. You should be able to thoroughly explain your product and why it is better than that of your competitors.

5. Mind your MannersThis one might seem like a give-in, but it’s still important. An effective salesperson should practice common courtesy with customers. He/she should give a good hand shake, smile politely, respond in kindness (even to the not-so-kind customers), and above all else, abide by the golden rule and treat the customers the way they would expect to be treated. The most important goal for a salesperson is that the customer leaves feeling respected and cared for. If a person in sales can follow these 5 basic guidelines, he/she is sure to have repeat customers and even long term committed customers because they will come to trust you as a person.