3 Best Regions for Cruise Franchisers

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Cruising the world’s most beautiful areas is a goal for many people. In fact, they might invest hundreds or thousands of dollars into one vacation alone as they explore exotic locales. Cruise franchisers have a unique opportunity within the travel industry today because there are many untouched regions for their particular businesses. Consider these three best regions for cruise franchisers and discover a new business opportunity in paradise.

The Exotic Balkans

Traveling within the Mediterranean Sea is classic cruising along Spain’s and Northern Africa’s shorelines. Southeast Europe or the Balkans is often overlooked. Along Greece’s shoreline and further east, you’ll find areas almost untouched by the cruise industry. Bulgaria, Albania and Greece are just a few of the countries you’ll find in this area. The scenery is a mixture of rolling hills, water and old communities just waiting to greet new friends. Because this area is further east than other cruising areas, a franchiser has an opportunity to make their mark with the local people. Being an expert on this area will only make the franchise more valuable among tourists who’re looking for adventures.

Above the Arctic Circle

Generally, tourists flock to warmer climates for that beach experience, but cold weather getaways are franchiser opportunities too. Schedule cruises up into Norway’s fjords. Small cruise ships can easily maneuver these waters while tourists take in the beautiful northern way of life. Fishing and sightseeing are perfect for the spring and summer months while the fall and winter provide a different platform for exploration. The Northern Lights fill the sky, and tourists can experience a night in an ice house too. Distinct cruises away from the norm are drawing people to franchisers’ businesses in droves. As a result, it’s crucial to pick out a franchise that visits some of Norway’s popular cities, such as Kirkenes.

Head Southward

Consider a franchise located nearly at the bottom of the Earth. Avoid the extremes of Antarctica and set up your cruise franchise at the tip of Argentina. Ushuaia, Argentina is home to many natural wonders, including glaciers and waterfalls. Cruises can dock at this small city while tourists spread out to see the sights. The major wildlife attraction here is the Magellanic penguins. Take photos and observe these animals within their nature preserve. In fact, the penguins become a marketing perk for any franchiser’s company. It’s very difficult to find a cruise that incorporates a penguin encounter within a natural environment.

Consulting with a travel agent professional before purchasing a franchise is a smart way to protect your investment. Learn about industry trends and visit your intended cruise region. With passion about your cruising region, tourists will be encouraged to explore an area that others may have never seen before.